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God is Not a Control Freak


“God is in control” never appears in the Bible.  While I know HE, the CREATOR of the universe, has not left us on our own, and HE is the Eternal and Everlasting Authority of our life, we …should probably acknowledge that GOD is not a “control freak.”  Just the opposite.  HE is the Heavenly Parent that anticipates and knows each movement and perhaps give us a new friend, a new home, location, job, situation–patiently inserting a feather-felt tap on our shoulder so-to-speak, turning us ever so slightly so we see a new view and not the “same-old.”  Nope God is not a control freak–not HIM!


“Everything else would be just plain ridiculous!”

Of course, you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”:

God knew from the beginning of time when you would be born,

what you would attempt and accomplish in this life,

where you would leave your footprints on this world,

who your family and friends would be,

 and when you will exit this world. 

Do you want to continue with the God who created the smallest “God particle” just being discovered by man and who also created the grandeur of billions of Galaxies and stars in our known Universe?

Do you want to spend eternity in His Heavenly Realm with Him?

Reminder, this life is but a breath and eternity is for 10,000 years and forever more!

The Bible is a book about how God is missing you, and Jesus is calling for you to follow him . . .

Feel free to go to https://www.youtube.com and put in

“Christian Worship Songs” and enjoy the music for free!

Dear God, present Yourself to all leaders today!

All world leaders need to know who put them in their place of leadership . . .

God put every star in place and calls it by name; He also put every leader in their position.  May this day be the day that all leaders:  Presidents, Dictators, Governors, Senators, Judges, Mayors, etc. see You as the Ultimate Leader.

You won’t see any fireworks any prettier than this picture of God’s Known Universe!