A Joke even God would laugh at!

Nuns on the Highway

A cop pulls over a car full of nuns.  The cop says, “Sister, the speed limit  on this highway is 55 mph.  Why are you going so slow?”
Sister replies, “I saw a lot of signs that said 41, not 55.”
The copy says, “Sister,  that’s the name of the highway, not the speed limit.”
“Silly me,” the  embarrassed nun says. “Thanks for letting me know.  I’ll be more  careful.”
But then the cop glances in the back seat where the other nuns  are quaking with fear.  He asks, “Excuse me, Sister, what’s wrong with your  friends?”
Sister says, “Oh, we just got off Highway  101.”

This joke was reprinted from “The Book of Catholic Jokes” by Deacon Tom Sheridan, with  permission of ACTA  Publications.  Copyright 2008.  All rights reserved.

Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Joke-of-the-Day/Daily-Joke.aspx#ixzz1rwa2XZe5


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