God’s Girls — Journey with God

…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their

strength. They will soar on wings like

eagles; they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint.  Isaiah 40:31 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God is not what we think He is–not today, not ever– never!  Yet He will never contradict His scripture!  So if you think that there is such a thing as “traditional worship,” or a “traditional walk with God,” think again; take on the attitude, “I’m not most people,” and God and you will get along just fine.

God is Spirit and He deals with every woman specifically, and uses our uniquely designed specialties, our talents and gifts, for what He has wired us to do–yup, we are wired–no shock to me!  One woman’s journey with Jesus will be unlike your journey with Jesus.  The Christian Walk is always in step with Jesus (or at least we try to); then Jesus takes all of His extraordinary women on their very own sacred journey, but only if we are willing to say, “Here I am Lord, use me,” and get ready to soar…

Just like the home-made meals that “God’s Girls” make for one of our sister’s in Christ’s family whose granddaughter has brain cancer, along with her dad who has brain cancer as well, are like the fish and loaves that Jesus gave to the Disciples to feed to the 5,000, and Jesus will make sure that you have plenty of the “special you” left over!  Just like Jesus took time to heal the sick, weep with compassion, give eyesight to the blind, cast out demons, raise the dead, plus forgive the men and women of their sins, Jesus can help any woman to deal with a friend with financial problems, health issues, stress at work, the horrid “co-worker syndrome,” the “toddlers-taking-over-the-house fiasco,” or family dynamics (or family dynamite), etc.

There are some things that we do, however, have in common:

  1. God’s women are the ministers who love in a unordinary way–the more unordinary, the more glory to God!.
  2. God’s women display His extravagance–we have an extremely wealthy, overflowing Abba Father.
  3. God’s role for women is to fall into step with Jesus and then to make disciples; then we show other women how to feed the hungry like when Jesus fed the 5,000, with basketfuls left over (For example, you might find that you are storing clothing galore for the homeless in your garage, and there is no longer any room for your vehicle–I gave up and my car now stays in the driveway, and every once in a while I’ll admit, I actually covet the Homeless’ clothing!  I’m bad!)
  4. God’s women will journey with Him in delivering His people.  He has positioned our lives in a Spirit-filled way, and He will make it unlike any other woman’s journey, yet it will be perfectly scriptural and will be God’s plan especially for you that he implemented from the beginning of the ages.

Do you feel too ordinary to join God on this journey?  Impossible.  God has given you experiences, good and bad that make you uniquely you in every way; you are a perfect you!

Listen and allow God to help you share your journey and to announce, to sometimes complete strangers–which might make you feel a little uncomfortable at first–the reason for your belief; that’s what makes your journey so uniquely yours!  “Soar on wings like eagles;”  be sure to enjoy the view!


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